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Total Food Package is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Kosher certified through Kosher Michigan, and Organic Certified through Oregon Tilth.

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I have been in the blending and repackaging business since 1997 when I started Great Lakes Toll Services, a specialty chemical toll processing company. As a small business owner with experience and flexibility, we have been able to help customers achieve their goals for growth and profitability.


Total Food Package was formed in 2011 to diversify my current business and meet customer needs. Through the years I have received many requests to quote on blending and packaging food grade products. I am happy to now be able to provide this service.

I formed this company in partnership with my daughter, Meggan McCaughan. We are using our experience in handling and packaging to develop food grade systems to meet our customer needs in a modern facility dedicated to providing quality service.

We are able to react quickly and efficiently to meet our customers’ specific needs due to our size and experience. Since starting Total Food Package, we have grown our business by more than 20% every year and have the capacity to continue to grow.

We offer our customers a unique blend of services including Organic Certification, a gluten free facility, allergen free facility, FSCPA trained and qualified individuals, and small and large batch size and production runs.

Through successful implementation of several key safety programs that are verified during accredited third party audits, our customers are assured of safe and high quality products.

– John Memmott

We’re here to help!

John Memmott and Meggan Mccaughan are here to help with all your food blending and packaging needs. They can be reached at 616.847.1868, or via email.

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John Memmott, Total Food Package
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Satisfaction and quality always come first with us. Contact us today.

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