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Food Grade Dry Blending
Our Services

We can package your products into various containers, drums, boxes, jars, pouches and casings.

Our 30 cubic foot Sanitary Marion Paddle Mixer features a T304 stainless steel construction and is capable of perfectly blending to your product specifications. We carefully selected a Marion Sanitary mixer to ensure the equipment can be adequately cleaned and sanitized, and that surfaces are resistant to daily exposure to corrosive food products and cleaning materials. The paddle mixer lifts, scoops, and tumbles in a figure 8 motion for optimal mixing and blending.

Total Food Package also has a smaller stainless ribbon blender for mixing small batches from 150-450 pounds per blend.  This is a great option for customers that are just starting up, or trying to scale up their production gradually. We’ve found this equipment to be ideal for working with many different materials, including powders and granule products such as spice blends, salt and sugar.

Organic Food grade blending company
Organic Food grade blending company
Commercial grade food blending and packaging
Organic Food grade blending company
Benefits of Using a Sanitary Paddle Mixer

There are many benefits to using a sanitary paddle mixer like we have at Total Food Package.


Good when blending materials that are different sizes, shapes and density


Paddle scoops ingredients from the bottom of the trough and lifts them into the product stream to create a gentle but thorough mixing action

Size Options

Low shear blending is useful when blending friable or oversized ingredients


Sanitary paddle agitators are the easiest to clean and sanitize

Low Waste

Paddle agitators are fitted with tighter clearance through the trough than ribbons to allow more efficient clean-out at the end of each batch


Paddle mixers are efficient with batch sizes down to 20% of the rated capacity of the blender so they have larger variations in batch size

Total Food Package is providing consistent and responsible food grade blending and packaging services. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

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